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Metal Brite information and Instructions

Metal Brite is an electrolytic precious metal cleaning plate. The only easy, yet thorough, way to clean silver, silver plating, gold, jewelry, copper, quality brass, safely and swiftly. This is the electrolytic cleaning process trusted by the custodians of Museums,  as well as Antique Dealers and Collectors, to maintain their historic collections. The Metal Brite Electrolytic Plate, cleans any portion of the piece immersed in the solution, removing tarnish from all pieces in contact with it. There is no mess or fuss, just drain away the water after each cleaning session. Its effectiveness as a precious metal cleaner has been proven over the last 50 years, and it originates from a method used widely for well over a century. The combination of the Metal Brite Electrolytic Plate immersed in a solution of HOT water and the Metal Brite Activator* generates a small electric charge ( too small to feel). It is this charge that causes the tarnish to disappear, with no damage to the underlying metal being cleaned. No matter how intricate or delicate the pieces, wherever the solution makes contact with the precious metal, the Metal Brite Plate repels the tarnish off into the solution- in seconds.


1. INITIALLY, REMOVE AND DISCARD THE PROTECTIVE FILM FROM THE PLATE. Wash or lightly scour the PLATE with an abrasive cleaner such as Comet, SOS, or Brillo pad. This should be before each use. This will insure the PLATE has not built up a film and is clean.

2. Wash the metals to be cleaned thoroughly with soap & warm water before starting, to remove any oils or old polish. Dry with a kitchen towel or soft cloth.

3 Mix the solution using any of the following ACTIVATORS*:. When using ARM & HAMMER SUPER WASHING SODA OR POWDERED CALGON,  use 5 (Five) heaping Tablespoons per gallon of hot water.  METAL BRITE ACTIVATOR, use (3) heaping tablespoons per gallion of hot water. Water from your hot water tap is sufficient to dissolve the activator. The hotter you can start, the longer you can work with it before the water cools. It will not work below 80deg. F. Any non-metallic container that will hold hot water may be used. Choose one large enough to immerse at least half of the largest piece to be cleaned. A stainless steel** sink may be used if a rubber or plastic mat, or dish towel, is placed on the bottom to prevent contact between the sink and the PLATE.

4. Immerse articles in the solution making sure they are in contact with the Metal Brite PLATE.. The electrolytic action de-oxidizes the normal tarnish in one minute or less. Rinse and dry with a soft kitchen towel, using a moderate buffing action. If necessary, repeat.  At this time if your silver is still dull and grayish, you are looking at the damage tarnish did to your silver  A lite polish or polishing cloth will restore the shine.  


Heavy tarnish absorbs oil & grease over time, right from the air. It also damages your silver, causing microscopic pitting on the surface. Wash items as in step one above, paying particular attention to crevasses. Make sure the solution is very hot. Add one extra tablespoon of your Activator per gallon of hot water. Immerse item to be cleaned and leave in the solution for 2 to 3 minutes. This will soften the heavy tarnish, oil and grease, and draw it to the surface. Remove and wipe with a towel. If needed, repeat this several times. This item will now be tarnish free but it may not be shiny. You are now looking at the damage caused by the tarnish. To restore the shine, polish with a light silver polish or a polishing cloth. We recommend our Silver Care Cloth, or Maas Polishing Gloves.

If you notice, at this time, that your silver plate is missing some silver, you can easily replate it with our Silver Brite Replate & Polish. This will restore your silver plate to a like new condition. It will also restore a brilliant shine to your dull Sterling.



Follow directions for Heavy Tarnished Silver. Add another extra  tablespoon of activator per gallon. Some Brass will turn black when in contact with the PLATE. This is caused by the Zinc content and is merely oxidation concentrating on the surface. Wipe and repeat the steps several times. A light polish will restore the shine. To keep your brass & copper tarnish free for one year or more, use our MAAS Metal Protector. See our website for details.


For the Metal Brite Jewelry PLATE use 1 level teaspoon of the Metal Brite Activator for each cup of water or one Heaping teaspoonful of the A&H Washing Soda/Calgon.  Make sure your jewelry makes contact with the PLATE. Use a soft tooth brush if needed to clean dirt from under the stones. The Jewelry Brite PLATE will also remove the mineral deposits and make your gemstones dazzle. This method is used by fine Jewelry stores everywhere. It is called an Ionic cleaner in the jewelry business. You may clean any jewelry that you can safely put in hot soapy water. Do not use on Pearls, Opals, Cameos, Jade, Coral, Lapis or Amber. Safe for all other gemstones. If using the larger PLATES to clean your jewelry, use the instructions for Normal Tarnish. It will make your diamonds and gemstones really sparkle.


1. DO NOT LET THE WATER COOL BELOW 80 deg.F, or leave the PLATE in the water when not working with it. You will notice, as the water cools, the PLATE will work slower. If the water goes cold, the PLATE will stop working.  You MUST remove the PLATE, reheat or add more hot water with activator.

2. Remove the PLATE, wipe and flip over FREQUENTLY as you use it. This will prevent a build up on your PLATE. If discoloration appears, just wipe and put the discolored side up. The PLATE will clean itself as you use it. If you continue to get heavy discoloration on the underside of the PLATE, please discard the dirty solution and make a fresh solution. When finished, immediately remove the PLATE from the solution, Wash, rinse, dry and store.

3 DO NOT USE BAKING SODA OR A METAL CONTAINER. See exceptions** for stainless steel sink.


4. METAL BRITE ACTIVATOR*, (sodium carbonate) may be purchased from our web site. The ARM & HAMMER SUPER WASHING SODA is found in the grocery store, in the laundry section, near the bleach and usually on the top shelf. CALGON WATER SOFTENER, powdered form only, also found in some grocery stores or in K-mart or Wal-Mart, same location.

SODIUM CARBONATE,  can be found at your local pool supply store. Commonly known as PH+,  PH Plus, or PH Increaser.  Our Metal Brite Activator is a concentrated form of the Sodium Carbonate. When using these, use the amount in the activator instructions.To order the Metal Brite Activator or any of our other great products, visit our web site at:

Or call our toll free customer service at 1-800-470-2991

You may also send a check to: Metal Brite Products, PO Box 442, Venus, FL 33960

Please check out some of our other great products to re-plate & protect your silver. We also carry Silver Polishing Cloths, Polishing Gloves, 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips, Silver Brite to replate your worn silver, Maas Metal Protector and much more.

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